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About The Creaky Shed

About the Creaky Shed

local farmers We here at the Creaky Shed in Greenwich pride ourselves on bringing our customers the freshest local & seasonal produce available. Since opening in 2002 we have been building relationships with local farmers so that nearly all our fruit and vegetables are sourced from small farms in Kent & Sussex. Our farmers are passionate about what they grow and we share their passion.

At the Creaky Shed we like our farmers are independent & proud of what we do and what we sell.

seasonal produceWorking directly with British farmers means more than just supporting local farms; it also means we bring you produce in season. We are not like the big supermarkets, we don't believe in compromising flavour just to make everything available all year round. We are steadfastly independent, we believe in ethical farming and above all we believe in providing you with fantastic food. Every year we look forward to those special treats each season brings us: asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli & Jersey Royals in spring, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes & lettuces in summer with hearty root vegetable in winter.

Our philosophy is simple grow it locally, pick it when ripe, make it travel fewer miles & sell it while it's still fresh - it all adds up to healthier, fresher & tastier food. But the Creaky Shed is much more than just a Greengrocer As well as a full selection of fresh herbs and spices, we also stock a broad range of Jams, Marmalades, Curds Chutneys, Sauces & Pickles. Our pure English Honey comes from the beautiful bee-hives of Southdown Bee Farm in Hassocks, & our free-range eggs are laid at Golford Place Farm in Sissinghurst. Chegworth Valley Farm in Harriet Sham produce our stock of hand-press delicious apple juices, some flavoured with berries, rhubarb & even beetroot. Of course we do stock some produce from elsewhere It helps us get you the special foods you want and we are always happy to support responsible growers, bringing you a nutritional range of food grown in it's own climate.